What’s the point of life

Okay, I guess what I’m asking is the point or purpose of life. We educate ourselves so we can slave away our life at a job and then retire with at least 10 years of life left. What do we accomplish? Are we making the world a better place for the next generation? But they’re going to go to school, work and die as well. All of our hard work for them to die? If the point if life is to enjoy it, yeah you’re living a fun life, or whatever, but you’re going to die anyway and does it matter after you’re dead what you did? Congratulations you lived a great and fun life but you’re going to die anyway. And what comes after death? If you’re Christian you most likely believe you go to heaven and live a great life for ever and ever. But that is not confirmed. There is no proof of that. I just thought tonight that what’s the point of living if you’re going to die. Everything you’ve worked for is gone. I just don’t get it. (Sorry for any grammatical errors)


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This can’t be the new assassin’s creed, thats a woman.

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